Patagonia, an unforgettable experience

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Discovering Patagonia means diving into an area close to the end of the world, to discover a powerful, fascinating, and mysterious land where time seems to have stopped, showing nature in its purest and most virgin state. Here you will come across a surprising landscape that opens out into never-ending mountain ranges crowned by eternal snow, millennial glaciers, fjords, channels, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, together with giant nalcas and forests of tepa, coigüe, tiaca, and canelo.

Patagonia is a vast land located in the extreme south of the continent that stretches between 41°28′ and 55°59′ latitude south, shared by Chile and Argentina and only colonized at the end of the nineteenth century. With its magnificent natural scenery, Patagonia combines a history of both heroism and great effort. In this land, pioneers heroically fought against isolation, solitude, and climatic adversity to form the first settlements and start the social and economic development of the region.