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Enchanted Forest on the Queulat Pass

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With extraordinary botanical variation, this path is located on one of the highest points of the Carretera Austral, one hour by motor vehicle from the jetty of the Lodge. The extensive and steep snowcaps of Queulat, together with the damp vegetation that cover the lower valleys, represent the spirit of this journey. The summits and snowdrifts are terrific on the slopes located to the south of Queulat National Park. The walk starts by penetrating through the lush forest, together with bizarre lichens, fungi, mosses, algae, ferns, and numerous flowers that accompany this route. The path advances for almost 2km before reaching the River Cascadas. The climb continues across the valley, which upon opening offers spectacular panoramas of the area. Then the Los Gnomos Lagoon appears, from which the river originated. The shores are approached by an impressive and steep granite structure upon which the snowdrift sits. The footprints of time can be recognized on the rocks, showing the movement of the mass. Often chunks of the millenary ice fall into the lagoon.

Duration: Half- to full-day
Difficulty: Medium to High